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Posted by Malinda M on

I have been wearing my hearing aid for a little over 3 weeks and am so thankful to be able to take part in conversations that I felt so left out of previously. I cannot thank you enough. It makes every day easier whether I am home, at church, or in a crowded restaurant. I can certainly give you my endorsement. Thanks again.

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I Want To Thank You

Its not often that I thank a company for their products. But your affordable hearings have changed my life for the better. I have sounds now that I havent heard in years. Because of the high cost of hearing aids and the lousy Medicare insurance I have had to go without aids for several years. It was getting so bad that (especially at a restaurant or any place with background noise) I didnt go out very much. I felt left out for not hearing well and would get flustered for not being able to hear well. Your hearing aids I can afford and will put them up against any on the market for quality and affordability. I wish your company many, many years of success, and again thank all the people that work for MDHearingAid. ~ Phil G